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The HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) supports direct health care and support services for over half a million people living with HIV (PLWH). The RWHAP funds and coordinates with cities, states, and local community-based organizations to deliver efficient and effective HIV care, treatment, and support services for low-income PLWH. Since it was established, the RWHAP has developed a comprehensive system of safety net providers who deliver high-quality, direct health care and support services.

This page has been created to centralize peer-reviewed journal articles that demonstrate the impact of the RWHAP. Articles are organized by category and some articles may be listed under multiple categories. Articles are also organized by HRSA authorship and/or sponsorship and publication year.

Featured Recent Articles

Aggarwal R; Pham M; Dillingham R; McManus KA
Journal Open Forum Infect Dis    Publication Year 2019
Dasgupta S; Weiser J; Craw J; Tie Y; Beer L
Journal AIDS Care    Publication Year 2019
Krueger AL; Van Handel M; Dietz PM; Williams WO; Satcher Johnson A; Klein PW; Cohen S; Mandsager P; Cheever LW; Rhodes P; Purcell DW
Journal J Community Health    Publication Year 2019
Rodger AJ; Cambiano V; Bruun T; Vernazza P; Collins S; Degen O; Corbelli GM; Estrada V; Geretti AM; Beloukas A; Raben D; Coll P; Antinori A; Nwokolo N; Rieger A; Prins JM; Blaxhult A; Weber R; Van Eeden A; Brockmeyer NH; Clarke A; Del Romero Guerrero J; Raffi F; Bogner JR; Wandeler G; Gerstoft J; Gutierrez F; Brinkman K; Kitchen M; Ostergaard L; Leon A; Ristola M; Jessen H; Stellbrink HJ; Phillips AN; Lundgren J; Partner Study Group
Journal Lancet    Publication Year 2019