30 years. HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Important Information for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Recipients and Partners, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) HIV/AIDS Bureau Frequently Asked Questions

About the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Learn about the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, its Parts, legislation, namesake, and its role to End the HIV Epidemic in the United States.

Global HIV/AIDS Program

Learn where and how the Global HIV/AIDS Program implements the agency’s PEPFAR activities and supports the delivery of HIV/AIDS care and treatment around the world.


View reports, slide decks, and State Profiles presenting national Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program client-level data collected through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Services Report (RSR).

Program & Grants Management

Resources to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients implement grant awards and understand program requirements, including policy notices and program letters, data reporting guidance, and technical assistance resources.  

Get HIV Care

Learn whether you are eligible and how to access HIV care and treatment services by Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program providers across the U.S.

Clinical Care & Quality Management

Learn more about the HIV/AIDS Bureau’s performance measure portfolio, initiatives to help recipients implement quality management programs, and clinical resources to effectively deliver HIV care and treatment services.

Health Care Landscape

Learn how the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program works within the evolving health care landscape to support access to HIV care and treatment to people living with HIV.


Download and share fact sheets, newsletter, infographics and other resources to help understand the impact of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.