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Recent Issues

Addressing the Complex Health Care Needs of HIV-Positive Homeless Populations - Spring 2016 (PDF - 552 KB)

How SPNS Intitiatives Support the Fight against HIV Stigma - November 2014 (PDF - 138 KB)

Sustainability Results in Better Care for More People - October 2014 (PDF - 158 KB)

Advancing the HIV Care Continuum Initiative through Demonstration Projects - September 2014 (PDF - 121 KB)

Using Technology to Improve Health Outcomes – August 2014 (PDF - 164 KB)

The Power of Peers on Engagement and Retention in Care Among People of Color – October 2013 (PDF - 238 KB)

Introducing the Latino Initiative: Affirming Cultural Diversity through Culturally Competent Care – September 2013 (PDF - 281 KB)

Archive Issues

Helping Providers Implement Key SPNS Finding through the IHIP Project – July 2013 (PDF - 436 KB)

Defeating Stigma and Isolation: SPNS Homeless and Transgender Women of Color Initiatives – April 2013 (PDF - 244 KB)

SPNS Disseminates Best Practices Through IHIP - September 2012 (PDF - 182 KB)

Improving Linkages and Access to Care – January 2012 (PDF - 19 KB)

Breaking Barriers, Getting YMSM of Color Into Care – December 2011 (PDF -4 214 KB)

Addressing Comorbidities: The Hepatitis C Treatment Expansion Initiative – August 2011 (PDF - 228 KB)

Reports and Other Products

Integrating Buprenorphine Therapy into HIV Primary Care Settings, April 2012 (PDF - 23 KB)

Costs and Factors Associated with Turnover Among Peer and Outreach Workers within the Young Men of Color Who Have Sex with Men SPNS Initiative, March 2010 (PDF - 200 KB)

Cost Analysis of the Caribbean Peer Promoter Initiative: The Impact of Budget Allocation Strategies on Program Participation and Retention, March 2010 (PDF - 2 MB)

The Costs and Effects of Outreach Strategies that Engage and Retain People with HIV in Primary Care, March 2010 (PDF - 2.6 MB)

The Use of Peers in Special Projects of National Significance Initiatives, 1993-2009, March 2010 (PDF - 116 KB)

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Date Last Reviewed:  October 2016