Part C: Early Intervention Services and Capacity Development Program Grants

Part C of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides grant funding to local community-based organizations to support outpatient ambulatory health service and support services through Early Intervention Services (EIS) program grants. Part C also funds planning grants, which help organizations more effectively deliver HIV care and services through Capacity Development grants.

Early Intervention Services Grants

The Part C EIS component of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program funds comprehensive primary health care in outpatient settings for people living with HIV. Grant recipients are organizations seeking to enhance their response to the HIV epidemic in their area through the provision of comprehensive primary HIV medical care and support services.

Early Intervention Services Grant Eligibility

The following organizations are eligible to receive Ryan White HIV/ AIDS Program Part C EIS grants:

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers funded under Section 1905(1)(2)(b) of the Social Security Act
  • Family planning grantees (other than states) funded under Section 1001 of the Public Health Service Act
  • Comprehensive Hemophilia Diagnostic and Treatment Centers
  • Rural health clinics
  • Health facilities operated by or pursuant to a contract with the Indian Health Service
  • Community-based organizations, clinics, hospitals, and other health facilities that provide early intervention services to people living with HIV
  • Nonprofit private entities providing comprehensive primary care to populations at risk of HIV, including faith-based and community-based organizations

Capacity Development Grants

The Part C Capacity Development Program assists public and nonprofit entities in efforts to strengthen their organizational infrastructure and their capacity to develop, enhance, or expand access to high-quality HIV primary health care services for people living with HIV in underserved or rural communities. For the purposes of the program, capacity development refers to activities that promote organizational infrastructure development leading to the delivery or improvement of HIV primary care services.

Eligibility for Capacity Development Grants

Applicants must be public or private nonprofit entities that are or intend to become comprehensive HIV primary care providers. Current Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program service providers as well as faith-based and community-based organizations are eligible to apply for funding.

Date Last Reviewed:  October 2021