Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Recipient Audit Reports


Every two years, Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients are required to submit audit reports (consistent with OMB Circular A-133 superseded by 45 CFR Part 75 Subpart F). Authorizing legislation for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Program (Public Law 111-87) requires HRSA to make the audit reports available on the HRSA website. To learn more about the audit requirement, please view the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program legislation (PDF - 1.2 MB).

To locate an audit report, select a state on the map or use the dropdown menu at the top of the webpage. Currently, audit reports are available for Part A recipients (city/county) within a State, if applicable, the State's Part B lead agency, and Parts C and D (local, community-based organizations) recipients.

Disclaimer: Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in these files. For assistance, please contact HRSA at RWHAPAudits@hrsa.gov.

Date Last Reviewed:  October 2016