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Living With HIV: Transcript

Man 1: I think the hardest part is when you realize that your life has changed forever.

Man 2: Well, in the beginning it was really, really hard. I didn’t know. I went down, all the way down. So it was really hard in the beginning.

Man 3: All my friends and the doctors were quite convinced, “Okay, this one’s dead.” I was gone.

Woman 1: You know, because there’s still a stigma there and I don’t want to lose any of my friends or anything like that. And at the same time, I do want to tell my friends, because I want to find out who’s really my friend, you know, who really does care.

Man 4: But when I told her I was gay, she told me she didn’t want me to touch the silverware. That was when I was 14. Then when I told her that I had HIV, we went through that again, you know.

Man 5: I am HIV positive.

Man 6: I’m HIV positive and I’m alive.

Woman 2: I am HIV positive and I’m still loved.

Man 7: Well, I am HIV positive, but I am still alive and kicking.

Woman 3: I am HIV positive, but I will not die with HIV.

Man 8: I’m HIV positive and it is half my life now. And I can’t imagine it any other way.

Woman 4: I’m HIV positive and I’m a beautiful woman.

Man 9: I have HIV and I’m positive. Yeah . . . I like that much better.

Man 10: I’m HIV positive and just glad to be.

Man 11: Personally, I want to show the world that when one door closes, another does open. You’re not always left behind a closed door. Someone’s hand will be out there to help you and to pull you through if you need to be pulled.

Woman 5: Reach a hand out to somebody. I will lighten some of that. Just reach a hand out and don’t be scared. Don’t be scared of us, because we still get people.

Man 12: I want to tell the world first of all, don’t give up. Keep on going. You know life is full of surprises.

Woman 6: You become someone that you never knew you could have become. You’re going through so many emotions and sorrows and joys and “Wow! I’m living another year.” Every year I tell God, “Hey, thanks for that one,” you know.

Man 13: The hope and the openness that I have about tomorrow is beyond words. It’s beyond description.

Woman 7: Again in Spanish it's querer es poder. Push yourself and you will do anything you want. And you can live longer, yeah.