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Photo of Peter Gordon pointing to a computer screen


Peter Gordon

According to Dr. Peter Gordon, “HRSA is leading the way to setting the standard to the kind of care Americans should get.” This isn’t something new, however, but rather a tradition of excellence that HRSA has always pursued, and Gordon feels blessed to have been a part since those early days of the epidemic. As medical director of SelectHealth, an HIV Special Needs Plan at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part C grantee, he has helped initiate efforts to increase patient self efficacy. Talk to Gordon and you’ll hear how much he cares about his patients, but it’s not just patients he’s hoping to help. Gordon serves as assistant professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University Medical Center Division of Infectious Diseases, striving to fill the workforce shortage of HIV doctors and educate an entirely new generation about treating this epidemic and explaining just how far we’ve come.

Listen as Peter tells his story.

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