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Youth Data Report

HRSA/HAB is releasing a report focused exclusively on youth and their unique challenges. The report shows which youth are accessing the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and how they are doing so. Based on client level data, this HRSA/HAB report joins a growing repository of data reports on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program’s clinical trends and client demographics.

The Future

Launched in 2010, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy reflects America’s commitment to address the epidemic among all affected populations, including youth.42

Since the first cases of HIV/AIDS among youth were identified, providers have worked unceasingly to create culturally competent initiatives that are evermore successful at enrolling young people in care and keeping them there over time. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has provided leadership through funding, training, and policy since its enactment in 1990. Most important to the effort has been the support for high-quality primary HIV medical services and capacity-building through both urban and rural providers.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, along with other public and private initiatives, has helped tear down the barriers to care that many young people face, while still protecting their privacy. Creating strategies to reach youth continues to evolve as knowledge has advanced, the demographics of HIV/AIDS have changed, and the needs of young people have progressed.

A lot has changed since the young teen from Indiana was cast into the national spotlight on a subject that was once unthinkable—youth living with HIV. Advances in care mean that many PLWH have new reasons to be hopeful, and yet many of the nation’s youth still face persistent barriers in accessing that care today.

Throughout the years, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has been instrumental in breaking down barriers for so many PLWH, including our youngest generation. Going forward, Ryan White grantees will continue to work tirelessly to treat young people, working to identify those who are most at risk and providing them with care that meets their unique needs.

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