Previous SPNS Initiatives

The following are previously funded Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Program initiatives and collaborations.


Addressing HIV Care and Housing Coordination through Data Integration to Improve Health Outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum (2015-2018)


System-level Workforce Capacity Building for Integrating HIV Primary Care in Community Health Care Settings (2014-2018)

Health Information Technology (HIT) Capacity Building for Monitoring and Improving Health Outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum Initiative (2014-2017)


Culturally-Appropriate Interventions of Outreach, Access, and Retention among Latino(a) Populations (2013-2018)


Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV-positive Homeless Populations (2012-2017)

Enhancing Engagement and Retention in Quality HIV Care for Transgender Women of Color Initiative (2012-2017)


Systems Linkages and Access to Care for Populations at High Risk of HIV Infection Initiative (2011-2016)


Hepatitis C Treatment Expansion Initiative (2010-2014)


Enhancing Engagement and Retention in Quality HIV Care for Women of Color Initiative (2009-2014)


Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care and Services in Jail Settings Initiative (2007-2012)

Electronic Networks of Care Initiative (2007-2011)


Innovations in Oral Health Care Initiative (2006-2011)


Innovative Methods for Integrating Buprenorphine Opioid Abuse Treatment in HIV Primary Care Initiative (2004-2009)

Outreach, Care, and Prevention to Engage HIV Seropositive Young MSM of Color Initiative (2004-2009)


American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Initiative (2003-2007)

Prevention with HIV Infected Persons Seen in Primary Care Settings Initiative (2003-2007)

Targeted Peer Support Model Development for Caribbeans Living with HIV Demonstration Project Initiative (2003-2007)


Targeted HIV Outreach and Intervention Model Development and Evaluation for Underserved HIV-Positive Populations Not in Care Initiative (2001-2006)

Demonstration and Evaluation Models that Advance HIV Service Innovation Along the U.S. - Mexico Border Initiative (2001-2005)


Assessing Existing Efforts to Increase Adherence to Medications Initiative (1998-2003)

Date Last Reviewed:  October 2017