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Guide to Readers
pdf 82KB
I. General Information
pdf 1.0MB
  1. Overview of the Ryan White CARE Act pdf 211KB
  2. CARE Act Legislation pdf 831KB
  3. Division of Service Systems pdf 94KB
  4. Technical Assistance for CARE Act Grantees and Planning Bodies pdf 118KB
II. Grants Administration pdf 752KB
  1. Contract Monitoring pdf 209KB
  2. Maintenance of Effort pdf 215KB
  3. State Matching Fund Requirements pdf 145KB
  4. Grants Management pdf 174KB
  5. Costs for Administration, Planning, Evaluation, and Quality Management pdf 264KB
III. Reporting Requirements pdf 491KB
  1. Overview of Grantee Reporting Responsibilities pdf 109KB
  2. Budget, Contracting, and Fiscal Reports pdf 337KB
  3. CARE Act Data Reports pdf 133KB
  4. Allocation Reports pdf 100KB
IV. Policies pdf 540KB
  1. Title I and II Policies pdf 277KB
  2. HIV/AIDS Bureau Policies for the CARE Act pdf 324KB
V. Title II Program Categories pdf 617KB
  1. Overview of Title II pdf 147KB
  2. State Direct Systems pdf 105KB
  3. Consortia pdf 253KB
  4. Home- and Community-Based Care pdf 107KB
  5. Health Insurance Continuity pdf 172KB
  6. AIDS Drug Assistance Program pdf 135KB
VI. Planning Bodies pdf 1.0MB
  1. Planning Body Duties pdf 236KB
  2. Planning Body Policies and Procedures pdf 129KB
  3. Member Involvement and Retention pdf 246KB
  4. PLWH/Consumer Participation pdf 186KB
  5. Managing Diversity pdf 170KB
  6. Managing Conflict pdf 143KB
  7. Managing Conflict of Interest pdf 164KB
  8. Grievance Procedures pdf 206KB
VII. Coordination pdf 595KB
  1. Coordination of Payers and Programs pdf 196KB
  2. Title I and Title II Coordination pdf 176KB
  3. Care/Prevention Collaborative Planning pdf 270KB
  4. Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need pdf 138KB
VIII. Program Guidance pdf 1.6MB
  1. Needs Assessment pdf 367KB
  2. Priority Setting and Resource Allocation pdf 487KB
  3. Comprehensive Plan pdf 245KB
  4. Early Intervention Services pdf 224KB
  5. Quality Management pdf 188KB
  6. Cost Effectiveness pdf 149KB
  7. Managed Care and HIV Disease pdf 247KB
  8. Rural HIV/AIDS Service Needs pdf 135KB
IX. Chief Elected Official Guide pdf 418KB
X. Appendices pdf 324KB
  A. Glossary of CARE Act Terms pdf 237KB
  B. Service Category Definitions pdf 145KB
XI. CARE Act Contacts pdf 93KB