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HAB Information E-mail Volume 14, Issue 5, March 10, 2011


  • TARGET Center Feature Article: Patient-Centered HIV Care
  • ABIM Approved Quality Improvement Pathway and HIVQUAL-US
  • TARGET Center RW Community: Part A Web Site Updated
  • RSR Update: Certify Grantee Reports Now
  • Funding to Promote HIT and Quality Learning Sessions
  • Job Announcement: Director, HAB Division of Service Systems

Other News

  • New Surveillance Report Presents HIV and AIDS Data for U.S.
  • National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: March 20
  • Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis for HIV Prevention: Updated CDC Fact Sheets
  • Health HIV Webinar: Women and HIV, Gynecologic Care and Contraceptive Choices


TARGET Center Feature Article: Patient-Centered HIV Care
Supporting patients’ adherence to treatment and maintaining patients in care are major challenges facing HIV care providers.  The HIV Program at the Christiana Care Health System in Delaware has made changes in how they organize and deliver HIV/AIDS care in order to address these challenges and their data show it has made a difference.
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ABIM Approved Quality Improvement Pathway and HIVQUAL-US
HRSA/HAB's HIVQUAL-US (HQ-US) is now approved as an American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) Pathway.  Internal medicine physicians may now receive Maintenance of Certification (MOC) practice performance credit under this highly rigorous process.

HIVQUAL-US is a capacity building model among HIV ambulatory care programs. The HIVQUAL model adapts three basic components of quality management (QM) - performance measurement (PM), quality improvement (QI), and the quality management program (QMP), implemented through coaching and mentoring, peer learning, and patient involvement.  

ABIM is an independent, not-for-profit organization that grants board certification, a well accepted marker of physician quality, to internists and subspecialists.  Certification is a rigorous, comprehensive program for evaluating physician knowledge, skills, and attitudes to assure both patients and payers that a physician has achieved competence for practice in a given field.  ABIM requires that physicians periodically recertify through the ABIM’s MOC program.

Guidelines and procedures for enrollment and participation in HQ-US as an ABIM AQI Pathway are available on the HQ-US Web site. Exit Disclaimer

TARGET Center RW Community: Part A Web Site Updated
Part A Web links on the Ryan White Community pages of the TARGET Center have been updated.  The updated page includes links to the Web sites for both the grantee and the planning council for the Part A grantees.

To access the Grantee Web page use the drop down menu on the Ryan White Community page. Exit Disclaimer

HRSA/HAB has also developed a Find an HIV/AIDS Medical Care Provider feature on the HAB Web site.  This feature allows users to find Ryan White-funded agencies that provide primary medical care services.
Find a provider.

A similar feature will soon be added to the HIV/AIDS Service Locator on the Web site, which is a central Federal portal for locating HIV/AIDS services of all types—prevention, housing, testing, and more.
View the Locator.

RSR Update: Certify Grantee Reports Now
As of March 7, nearly 200 Grantee Reports were still not certified.  Most of these are funded under Part C and Part D.  Remember, funded providers cannot submit their reports until all of their funded grantees’ reports are certified.  March 21 is the last day for grantees to return reports to providers for changes or to un-submit a report.  If Grantee Reports are not certified ASAP, and your organization provides funding to other providers, there is a risk of having insufficient time to review and request changes to Provider Reports.  March 28 is the deadline for all RSR deliverables to be in “submitted” status.

Technical assistance is available from the TARGET Center. Exit Disclaimer

Funding to Promote HIT and Quality Learning Sessions
HRSA’s Office of Health Information Technology and Quality (OHITQ) is seeking eligible applicants to assist in planning and conducting 2-day, practical HIT and Quality Learning Sessions for HRSA grantees across the country.  The selected host sites will work closely with OHITQ staff and National Opinion Research Center (HRSA’s logistics and technical assistance contractor through an already awarded contract) to plan and host the HIT and Quality Learning Sessions.  Meetings must be conducted by December 31, 2011.  Applications are due April 4.
For information and applications.

Information is also available via e-mail.

Job Announcement: Director, HAB Division of Service Systems
Applications are now being accepted for the Director of HAB’s Division of Service Systems.  Applications must be submitted by March 18.

The responsibilities for this position include: 1) provide a national focus for, and serve as the expert advisor to the Associate Administrator, HAB, and to the Administrator of HRSA, on activities related to implementation of emergency Relief (Part A) and HIV CARE Grants (Part B), and AIDS Drug Assistance provisions of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program; 2) provide direction to grantees in the development of long and short range plans for the implementation of integrated HIV services programs and projects; 3) manage HIV service planning and delivery programs in States and Cites and provides administrative direction to grantees to encourage efficient, coordinated treatment of persons with HIV infection in community based settings; 4) prepare site visit program review protocols; and 5) assist in the development of State treatment program formularies that include classes of drugs necessary for the proper treatment of people with HIV infection.

For more information.

Other News

New Surveillance Report Presents HIV and AIDS Data for U.S.
CDC has released the 2009 HIV Surveillance Report.  It includes data from case reports from 56 areas (all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that had laws or regulations requiring confidential reporting by name for adults, adolescents, and children with confirmed diagnoses of HIV infection (including AIDS) as of December 31, 2009.
View the report

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: March 20
March 20 marks National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NNHAAD).  NNHAAD is a collaborative effort between the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center, CA7AE: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project, Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board, Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., and National Native American AIDS Prevention Center.
Learn more, register an event, and access resources.

Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis for HIV Prevention: Updated CDC Fact Sheets
CDC has released two new fact sheets focusing on Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis (PrEP).  PrEP may be part of comprehensive HIV prevention services in which HIV-negative people who are at high risk take antiretroviral medication daily in an effort to lower their chances of becoming infected with HIV.

  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP ) for HIV Prevention: Promoting Safe and Effective Use in the United States
    This fact sheet includes initial cautions for gay and bisexual men, interim guidance for physicians, discussion about how to maximize the potential of these developments, and CDC’s next steps.
  • CDC Trials: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP ) for HIV Prevention, A New Approach to HIV Prevention
    Provides information on the existing body of research.

View the fact sheets.

Health HIV Webinar: Women and HIV, Gynecologic Care and Contraceptive Choices
HealthHIV has launched the first in a series of CME/CNE certified, Web-based trainings examining women of color and HIV.  The first training, Gynecologic Care and Contraceptive Choices, includes a discussion of current recommendations for gynecological care with particular attention to several common gynecological problems seen in women living with HIV disease.  It also provides a discussion of contraception and compares available options.  The webinar is CME/CNE accredited and designed for health care providers caring for women living with HIV.
View the Webinar. Exit Disclaimer

In addition to the resources listed above, don’t forget to check out these other HAB resources, which are updated regularly.

TARGET Center, Central Source for Ryan White TA Exit Disclaimer

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