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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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HIV/AIDS Programs

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Reporting Requirements

Online Data Entry, Forms, Instructions, and Technical Assistance

As a condition of their grant awards, Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees are required to report data on clients, services provided, and expenditures. Below are the types of data reports that are currently required.

2013 Annual Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Data Training

Training was held September 9-11. Please see other RSR and ADR training and technical assistance resources available on both The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report and the TARGET Center.

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR)

RSR Home Page

The RSR is a client-level data report that provides data on the characteristics of Ryan White Program grantees, their providers, and the clients served with program funds. Reports cover the full calendar year and are submitted online via the EHBs. All RSRs must be submitted by 6 pm ET on the last Monday in March.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Data Report (ADR)

ADR Home Page

Beginning in 2013, Part B ADAP grantees will begin using a new data reporting system to report information on their program and the clients they serve to the HIV/AIDS Bureau.

ADAP Quarterly Report (AQR)

AQR must be submitted through EHB

Allocation and Expenditure Reports 

A&E reporting forms can be downloaded and must be submitted through EHB. The Allocations Report is due 60 days after the budget period start date and the Expenditures Report is due 90 days after the budget period end date. HAB is currently accepting FY11 expenditures and FY12 allocations from most grantees.

Dental Services Report Updated 1/18/14

Part A Minority AIDS Initiative Report

The MAI Report must be submitted through EHB

Technical Assistance and Support