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The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR)

What is the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report?

Beginning in 2009, Ryan White Program grantees and service providers started using a new data reporting system to report information on their programs and the clients they serve to the HIV/AIDS Bureau.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report, or the RSR for short, is comprised of:

  • The Grantee Report. Grantees will complete this report online through the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) using a web-based data entry system. Besides providing basic information about their organization, they will view, update, and verify a pre-filled list of their service provider contracts that were active in the most recent reporting period. For each of the contracts, grantees will view a list of Ryan White Program services and then check the boxes next to all services that their organization funded under the contract.
  • The Service Provider Report. Service providers will complete this report online. In addition to providing some basic information about their organization, providers will view a pre-filled list of their active service provider contracts for the most recent reporting period. For each of the service contracts, providers will view a list of Ryan White Program services and check the boxes next to all services that their organization delivered to RW Program clients during the reporting period.
  • The Client Report. Each service provider will submit this report online as an electronic file upload using a standard format. Each upload file will contain one record per client. Each client record will include information on demographic status, HIV clinical information, HIV-care medical and support services received, and the client's 'UCI', an encrypted, unique client identifier.

Technical Support

Report Content or Submission Questions:

Ryan White Data Support addresses content- and submission-related questions regarding data content, policy, and guidance. For example:

  • Interpretations of RSR Instruction Manual.
  • Policy questions related to the data reporting requirements.
  • Understanding grantee-provider contractual changes and the implications for data reporting.

Toll Free Help Line: 1 (888) 640-9356
Hours: Monday- Friday 9 am - 5:30 pm ET
Fax: (703) 312-5230

Note: When calling the toll-free help line, please provide your Grantee-of-Record name to the TA Specialist. When submitting a request via e-mail, be sure to include your Grantee-of Record name and your position within the organization in the message text.

Web Technical Support:

The HRSA Call Center (HCC) addresses RSR software-related questions including:

  • RSR System questions.
  • XML upload problems.
  • EHB questions/issues/access problems.

Contact Us

Grantee Infrastructure Development:

The TARGET Center (Cicatelli/Mission/Abt) addresses advanced questions related to:

  • Accessing and installing the Unique Client Identifier (UCI) algorithm.
  • UCI generation utility, including how the UCI ensures anonymity.
  • Requests for significant, high-investment assistance to meet data reporting requirement.

Obtain a TA request form at:

Program-Related Assistance:

Questions related to program guidance, such as funding or grant-related questions, should be addressed to the HAB Project Officer appropriate to your project(s).

2014 Timeline

2014 RSR Timeline. Listing of key reporting dates for the 2014 annual RSR submission.

Download Files

2013 RSR Instruction Manual (PDF - 1.38 MB) Revised 7/15/2013

XML Schema Definition, T-Rex, and Sample XML Files

Required Data Elements for the Client Report (PDF - 81 KB) Revised 01/28/11

Sample Grantee Report (PDF -  40 KB)

Sample Service Provider Report (PDF - 4 MB)