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Web-Based Resources

January 2011

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The care and management of HIV-infected patients is a rapidly evolving field. Keeping up to date with clinical information about HIV care has in the past required attendance at national and international conferences. With the increasing availability of the Internet, clinicians and patients are able to access the most current advances through Web coverage, without requiring travel or time away from work.

The challenge of using Internet resources is in determining which websites are accurate and current. Check for dates of authorship, the credentials of the site sponsors and authors, and how well supported any recommendations or analysis may be. Be aware of any possible commercial bias. Finally, it is important to remember that information on these sites does not replace clinical judgment or consultation with HIV experts.

Listed below is a selection of useful and accurate Internet sites. Many of these websites also link out to additional information resources, and many allow users to subscribe to receive updates via email. Many providers find it helpful to review sites geared toward patients, in order to maintain familiarity with patients' concerns and patient-based information resources.

Resources for Clinicians

Resources for Patients and the Community