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Continuum of HIV Care: Methods

Since 2009, Ryan White grantees and their funded providers have been required to report client-level data covering demographics, services, and clinical information annually.  This data is collected in the Ryan White Services Report (RSR).  Each client is identified by an encrypted unique client identifier (eUCI), which is created in a standardized way by each provider and then encrypted prior to submission to HRSA.  Data for the prior year are submitted by March in the subsequent year.  Because the same client can be reported by more than one provider, the data are de-duplicated using a probabilistic records linkage approach (Fellegi and Sunter 1969).

Data for the 2010 RSR cycle was reported to HRSA between January and March 2011, and data analysis on a preliminary data set began in fall 2012.  Descriptive statistics and bivariate analyses were done with SAS version 9.3.  The final RSR 2010 data are yet to be released.

Ryan White Services Report (RSR) Data Processing: 12-18 months

  • Mandatory annual reporting by all RW grantees
  • Client-level data sent electronically in encrypted format to HRSA
  • Data validation
  • Data cleaning
  • Probabilistic records linkage
  • Result: One data set that contains a unique record for each RW client

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