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Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Program Initiative Products

CyberSPNS Bulletins: What’s Going On @ SPNS

Recent Issues

Addressing the Complex Health Care Needs of HIV-Positive Homeless Populations - Spring 2016 (PDF - 552 KB)

How SPNS Intitiatives Support the Fight against HIV Stigma - November 2014 (PDF - 138 KB)

Sustainability Results in Better Care for More People - October 2014 (PDF - 158 KB)

Advancing the HIV Care Continuum Initiative through Demonstration Projects - September 2014 (PDF - 121 KB)

Using Technology to Improve Health Outcomes – August 2014 (PDF - 164 KB)

The Power of Peers on Engagement and Retention in Care Among People of Color – October 2013 (PDF - 238 KB)

Introducing the Latino Initiative: Affirming Cultural Diversity through Culturally Competent Care – September 2013 (PDF - 281 KB)

Archive Issues

Helping Providers Implement Key SPNS Finding through the IHIP Project – July 2013 (PDF -436 KB)

Defeating Stigma and Isolation: SPNS Homeless and Transgender Women of Color Initiatives – April 2013 (PDF - 244 KB)

SPNS Disseminates Best Practices Through IHIP - September 2012 (PDF - 182 KB)

Improving Linkages and Access to Care – January 2012 (PDF - 194KB)

Breaking Barriers, Getting YMSM of Color Into Care – December 2011 (PDF - 214KB)

Addressing Comorbidities: The Hepatitis C Treatment Expansion Initiative – August 2011 (PDF - 228KB)

Creating Change: Using Motivational Interviewing in SPNS Projects – June 2010 (PDF - 125 KB)

Sustainability of HIV/AIDS Programs Over Time - October 2009 (PDF - 183 KB)

Building IT Capacity: Using Client-Level Data to Meet Consumer Needs - October 2009 (PDF - 150 KB)

Innovations in Oral Health: Something to Smile About – September 2009 (PDF -154 KB)

Enhancing Linkages. Opening Doors for Jail Inmates – May 2008 (PDF - 125 KB)

Buprenorphine. Making Opioid Treatment a Primary Concern – March 2008 (PDF -150 KB)

Information Technology: Improving HIV/AIDS Care – July 2007 (PDF - 145 KB)

Peers Can Play a Vital Role in Prevention with Positives – January 2007 (PDF - 150 KB)

Username - Outreach Worker – August 2006 (PDF - 129 KB) 

Lessons From the U.S./Mexico Border Health Initiative - July 2005 (PDF - 110 KB)

AI/AN Initiative Highlights Challenges of Unique Service Settings – May 2005 (PDF - 127 KB)

Prevention with Positives is Off to a Positive Start – January 2005 (PDF - 187 KB)

Reports and Other Products

Integrating Buprenorphine Therapy into HIV Primary Care Settings, April 2012
Download Report

Costs and Factors Associated with Turnover Among Peer and Outreach Workers within the Young Men of Color Who Have Sex with Men SPNS Initiative, March 2010
Download Report

Cost Analysis of the Caribbean Peer Promoter Initiative: The Impact of Budget Allocation Strategies on Program Participation and Retention, March 2010
Download Report

The Costs and Effects of Outreach Strategies that Engage and Retain People with HIV in Primary Care, March 2010
Download Report

The Use of Peers in Special Projects of National Significance Initiatives, 1993-2009, March 2010
Download Report

Growing Innovative Care: Strategies for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Along the U.S.-Mexico Border, February 2008
Download Report

Opening Doors: Corrections Demonstration Project for People Living with HIV, December 2007
Download Report

Enhancing Linkages to HIV Primary Care in Jail Settings, January 2007
Download Report

Outreach: Engaging People in Care, August 2006
Download Report

For technical assistance SPNS publications, both HIV/AIDS Bureau and grant recipient-produced, visit the TARGET Center.

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