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Health Information Technology (HIT) Capacity Building for Monitoring and Improving Health Outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum


Under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment and Modernization Act of 2006, the Special Projects of National Significance program provided funding through its Capacity Building to Develop Standard Electronic Client Information Systems initiatives to organizations funded under Parts A through D of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. These health information technology (HIT) capacity building initiatives promoted the development of standard electronic client information data systems to improve the ability of Ryan White grantees and providers to report client level data for the Ryan White Services Report (RSR) and the ADAP Data Report (ADR) to the HIV/AIDS Bureau of HRSA. Support was limited to organizations in need of building adequate HIT infrastructure to facilitate the reporting of this client level data to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

In September 2014, four awards were made to enhance the health information technology (HIT) systems of State or Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) or Transitional Grant Area (TGA) jurisdictions. These enhanced HIT systems will fully integrate and utilize relevant measures of HIV treatment, surveillance and laboratory data to allow for more efficient collection, monitoring and tracking of health outcomes of people living with HIV (PLWH) along the HIV Care Continuum.


     Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston, MA

     Health Research, Inc., Albany, NY

     Virginia Department of Health, Richmond, VA

     City of Patterson, Paterson, NJ


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