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SPNS Initiative: Prevention with HIV-Infected Persons Seen in Primary Care Settings, 2003-2007


The Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) Prevention with Positives Initiative was designed to address the need for prevention interventions targeting people living with HIV receiving treatment in clinical care. The initiative sought to prevent transmission to uninfected persons and to prevent re-infection among people already living with HIV. The University of California, San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies served as the Evaluation and Support Center for the initiative, conducting a multi-site evaluation of the interventions to assess their effectiveness, feasibility, and costs.

Fifteen clinical demonstration sites were funded to implement and evaluate innovative prevention interventions for people living with HIV seen in primary care settings. These demonstration project grant recipients included: DeKalb County Board of Health (Decatur, GA); Drexel University School of Public Health (Philadelphia, PA); El Rio Santa Cruz Neighborhood Health Center (Tucson, AZ); Fenway Community Health Center (Boston, MA); Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD); Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (CA); Mount Sinai Hospital (Chicago, IL); St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center (New York, NY); University of Alabama at Birmingham; University of California, Davis (Sacramento, CA); University of California, San Diego; University of Miami School of Medicine (FL); University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; University of Washington (Seattle, WA); and Whitman-Walker Clinic (Washington, DC).

Journal Articles

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