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Part F - Minority AIDS Initiative

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part F grants support several research, technical assistance, and access-to-care programs, which includes the Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI). MAI was established in 1999 by Congress under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Parts A, B, C, and D to improve access to HIV care and health outcomes for disproportionately affected minority populations, including black/African Americans.

Under Part A, MAI formula grants provide core medical and related support services to improve access and reduce disparities in health outcomes in metropolitan areas hardest hit HIV/AIDS. Under Part B, MAI formula grants fund outreach and education services designed to increase minority access to needed HIV/AIDS medications through Part B AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP).

Under Part C, MAI funds are used by community health centers and other service providers to improve access to early intervention HIV services. Other examples include technical assistance to expand the capacity of agencies to deliver HIV care to minority populations and training to expand the pool of minority providers in underserved communities.

Part F - Minority AIDS Initiative Resources

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The Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) has been providing resources to the Ryan White Program since 1999, but it was not included in the legislation until the 2006 reauthorization. The MAI’s roots can be traced to a March 1998 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consultation with African-American community leaders and HIV prevention program grantees.

Part F - Minority AIDS Initiative Publications

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